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* 2006 Bocce Album Check out the latest photos. Thanks to Ron.

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Private backyard courts in the Iowa City and Coralville area.
* More 2005 photos Special Olympics players and others.

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Club Officially Formed 4/8/06

The Iowa City Bocce Club

At a meeting today, the Iowa City Bocce Club was formed. Donna Gatto and Bruce Walker were elected co/Treasurers, and Ron Grassi was appointed as President.

Dues were set at $10 per person, with the monies going to pay for 2 107mm bocce sets, as well as paying for 20 bags of oyster shell to be added to the courts at City Park, and for league trophies and other incidentals.

Checks or money orders for dues should be made out to Iowa City Bocce Club, and mailed to Donn Gatto, 1501 Broadway Street, Iowa City, Iowa, 52240.

Embroidered polo shirts can be ordered thru Donn Gotto, at a cost of $15 for the S-XL shirts. For XXL or XXXL, the price is $17.50 each. Be sure to let him know the size you need.

The Executive Board consists of Bruce Walker, Donn Gatto, Elizabeth Meyer, Darlene Olshanski, Nick Colangelo, Andy Millson, and Ron Grassi. Any other persons wishing to be added to the board, please contact Ron Grassi.

Contact Ron Grassi here for more information.

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