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"Bocce is Italian for cool people!"


* 2006 pictures Check out the latest photos. Thanks to Ron.

* May 2006 Senior Bocce Tournament Sign up soon.
* Our First Photo Album
* The Iowa City Bocce Courts
Where they are and how to get there.
* Another photo album
Private backyard courts in the Iowa City and Coralville area
* More 2005 photos Special Olympics players and others.
* All about Bocce
Learn about Bocce and join the fun.
* Bocce Links

BOCCE - Easy to learn, hard to master!

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Iowa City/Coralville Bocce

The new public Bocce Courts
in City Park, just South of Shelter #5 in Iowa City, Iowa.

Iowa City Bocce Club is a group of Iowa City and Coralville citizens who are interested in the game of bocce, and are promoting the game/sport by showing it is a court game.

For more information, contact Ron Grassi at:

You don't have to be Italian to play Bocce!

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