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* 2006 pictures Check out the latest photos. Thanks to Ron.

* Building the Courts Photos from 2005 and 2006
* Another photo album
Private backyard courts in the Iowa City and Coralville area.
* More 2005 photos Special Olympics players and others.

* * *

The Iowa City Bocce Courts

Iowa City built two courts in 2005 and two more in 2006. The courts were destroyed during the tragic 2008 flood.

The courts were constructed just South of Shelter #5, in City Park in Iowa City, Iowa. The courts are 12' X 60', with space between the courts for lawn chairs or whatever, to watch the games. Parking was available in Lot #1 or the lot next to the Iowa River.

There are plans being made to replace the destroyed courts. We will give details as we learn more about this.

Here is some information about the Iowa City Parks

Here is a road map to the park and links to information about the Iowa City and Coralville area.

For more information, contact us at:

You don't have to be Italian to play Bocce!

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